Welcome to Telstra Network Site Induction: Safe and Secure Work Practices (previously known as Telstra Network Induction: Physical Security)

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The site provides the requirements for the delivery and reporting of Telstra's Network Induction – Safe and Secure Work Practices program which is mandatory for all contractor personnel who are required to enter, exit or be present in Telstra Network Facilities. Upon successful completion of the course content and integrated assessment, you will be notified of your grade immediately while on line and be able to print a certificate of completion which also contains your sequence number.

At this point Telstra will also have immediate notification of your results for the issuing of Electronic Access Cards (EAc's card) or keys as appropriate. It is a Telstra requirement that the program is completed every three (3) years.

Please Note: Your enrolment provides you with Two attempts at completing the assessment which must be completed within 28 days of enrolment. You should ensure that you read and understand the learning materials before attempting the assessment.

You will be assessed on the knowledge you have gained via a formal online multiple choice assessment. The questions contained within this assessment are drawn from a large bank of questions. This means that if you do not pass the assessment on your first attempt, you may find that the second attempt contains a selection of different questions.